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Amanda DeGraff

One of our superstar customer experience managers, Amanda has spent her career in various roles around the industry, starting as a dental assistant and eventually serving as the administrator for two different practices. Amanda has always loved educating patients on the importance of their oral health and, now working with Flex, she's become passionate about helping practices overcome workflow challenges that make them less productive.

Dental Paperless Patient Communications

Lessons From COVID-19: Paperless Beyond the Pandemic

After a year of shut-downs, attempts at flattening curves and adjusting to “new normals,” we take a look at how electronic patient communications will continue to be beneficial to practices beyond the end of the pandemic.

Unless you’re an extreme visionary and had incredible foresight into the world of infectious disease and global pandemics, you probably never envisioned a world where your dental practice would face such trying times as those presented over the last 12 months. Yet, here we are, a year later, still doing our best to get back to a semblance of “normal” life.

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