Who is Flex? Meet Amanda, One of Our Flex-perts!

Fun Fact: Amanda truly enjoys life to the fullest and always makes time to pose for a photo with a Disney character - even the not-so-nice ones like Cruella de Vil.

Flex is designed not only to be a stellar product but also a great company. While Flex is full of great features that make it a powerful patient communication tool for your dental or specialty practice that relies on Open Dental, our company is full of people that make partnering with our team just as great as our software. 

If you’re a Flex customer, you know that providing great service is what we are all about. It’s kind of our thing. If you’re not a current “Flexer,” we get consistently rave reviews for our service - just take a look at many of the dental groups found around Facebook and other social media. We’re not bragging - well, maybe just a bit - but we know that great service is the difference between having “customers” and having hardcore, “let me tell everyone about this experience” fans. And, when you become a “Flexer,” we want you to be a fan for life.

So, how do we build this type of buzz? By finding people like Amanda DeGraff, one of our superstar customer experience managers, who’s as excited about guiding your practice on your Flex journey as she is to tell you about her love of all things outdoors, Nashville, and sports. In fact, if Amanda were a bigger superstar, she'd have an agent, an entourage, and her own line of sneakers. Once you work with her, we know you'll agree. 

Take it away, Amanda!

Who is Amanda? 

In a nutshell, I’m a dental fanatic (in a good way)! I have been obsessed with happiness and smiles for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I had my sister attempt the ol' tying floss to the door trick . . . but, sadly, it was a bit too soon for the tooth to be pulled so I lived with a little grey lower anterior tooth for two years.

I've spent my career in various roles around the industry, starting as a dental assistant and eventually serving as the administrator for two different practices. When I found the dental field, I immediately fell in love. I have always loved educating patients on the importance of their oral health and, now working with Flex, I’ve become passionate about helping practices overcome workflow challenges that make them less productive. I know the struggles that practice staff members sometimes endure and I know I have the power to show them how to begin simplifying processes and ways to take a great deal of admin work off their plates with Flex.

Now, Who is the Real, Outside the Dental World Amanda?

Obviously, I’m much more than just a Flex employee and I definitely love a lot of things outside the dental industry, especially my dog, Journey. I’m a big fan of the outdoors, so you might find me SCUBA diving, playing football, going on a hike, or just surrounding myself with a bonfire and best friends. I’m really into warm weather, good company, and great music, so Nashville is a perfect fit. I always say that music and sports are my therapy.

Amanda Hiking

I have a constant drive to learn new things, create unique, memorable experiences and help others (including our customers) discover talents they didn’t know they have. I have a heart for using the knowledge I have to educate others.

I love the ability to positively impact someone else’s life, so service in my community is also important to me - I volunteer and mentor underprivileged teen mothers and I like to help out others through my church. If I can give some of my time to be there for another person, I'm all for it.

What Would People Be Surprised to Learn About You? 

I love playing football and can play several positions - mostly WR but some QB and defense. I’m also a big Green Bay Packers fan. I'm pretty competitive on and off the field—but always a team player.

A Quote You Live By

"A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done." –Vince Lombardi

How Did You Become a Flex-pert?

I actually became aware of Flex while serving as the administrator for a dental practice. I had used several other patient communication tools for Open Dental but never really found one that did everything our practice needed and did it well. We went with Flex and that was the beginning of my journey. I loved working with the support and customer experience teams at Flex, so when an opportunity came around, I decided to join the Flex family.

What is Your Favorite Thing About the Flex Software?

Flex is an all-around team player when it comes to tools that can immediately lend a hand to an overwhelmed staff. Flex is very effective at boosting efficiency by automating tasks that are typically extremely time-consuming for a dental practice’s team. Nobody has time for wasted time in a dental practice. Flex also gives practices the ability to combine many different services under one provider. 

The Best Thing About Working for Flex?

There are several things I love about being a “Flex-pert”. I am grateful I can combine my love of sharing knowledge with my passion for the dental industry. I get to work with a team that is not only crazy smart but also very dedicated to the philosophy that great products only exist with great service. And, I get to feel like I’ve positively contributed to the success of dental practices all over. It’s very gratifying to get positive feedback from the practices I’ve worked with. 

Flex is very big on giving all of us the freedom to contribute in ways that may not fit in our defined roles but are areas we enjoy . . . I love being involved in branding and marketing and get to have a voice in those areas, in addition to serving as a champion of the customer experience.

Final Thoughts?

Yes! I hate talking about myself! I love talking about Flex and helping Flexers but I'd much rather talk about anything else than me!

Ready to learn more about Flex?

If you’re an Open Dental user looking for a patient communication solution, please ask for opinions of our solution from other Open Dental practices. We pride ourselves on creating Flex fans for life. The words of our customers are our best reference and we think you’ll like what you find.

Our team members are all what we affectionately call “Flex-perts” and make it a priority to address all requests quickly and knowledgeably. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please click the button below and submit your questions online. A member of our team will connect with you shortly and help you understand the value that Flex can bring to your practice and your patients.

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