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Brennon Dean

Brennon Dean is the founder and CEO of Flex Dental Solutions. With a background in software and application development, Brennon began developing Flex in collaboration with his wife, a dentist with a private practice that was looking for ways to improve patient engagement and communication. Brennon has a passion for finding intuitive, user-friendly solutions to complex problems while focusing on delivering an unrivaled customer experience.

Meet Flex.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Patient Engagement That Really Works Seamlessly in Open Dental

Flex delivers comprehensive engagement tools that help you easily communicate with your patients, improve their in-office experience, and give you ways to simplify many of the processes that are traditionally headaches to you and your staff. Through online forms, payments, two-way texting, and automated communications, both you and your patients will rely on Flex to make your relationship easier. Built for Open Dental, all Flex tools are user-friendly and intuitive, while the integration between practice management and patient engagement is seamless. So what can Flex do for your practice? Let’s take a look:

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