You Asked, We Answered! The Latest Features in Flex.

Happy New Year! Here's a quick recap of recent functionality that's been added to Flex, based on requests from our customers. If you're a current Flexer and have a feature suggestion, please let us know! Your input helps us make Flex a better product so you have a better customer experience! 

And, stay tuned and check back here often - we have new features coming right around the corner!

Here are some features you might have missed that have been added recently.

New Flex Features: 

• Communicator

Customizable Alert Sounds: Based on the alert type, the person you're sending this alert to will hear the sound you've chosen. This can help identify quickly (audibly) what the alert means without diverting attention away from your current task and/or patient.

Pinned Message Easy Access: Pinned messages can now be clicked in Communicator, which then brings you directly to that spot in the conversation with your patient.

Multi-Clinic Support: Quickly switch between clinics from within Communicator!

• Mobile App

Our latest Mobile App update now allows you to break appointments as necessary. No more needing to set a reminder or remote into your system. Be sure to download the latest version from the App Store!

• FlexSchedule

You can now allow patients to pick "First Available Provider" when scheduling for specific appointment types. No more cross referencing to find the best time for them! 

• Daily Recap Email

A great daily summary right to your inbox of key metrics, including:

  • How many confirmation texts were sent.
  • Which new patients were contacted.
  • How many text messages were sent.
  • How many appointments were scheduled online.

Are You on The Latest Version of Flex?

Not sure if you're on the latest version of Flex? Look for the update indicator in the top right-hand corner of Flex. If it's there, we have an update for you! You can also click on the Flex logo at anytime to manually check. If you have questions, please let us know.

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