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Tips to Help Fill Your Dental Recruitment Gap

Tips to Help Fill Your Dental Recruitment Gap

It’s no secret that many dental practices are challenged with staffing issues. According to data from the State of the Dental Economy - Q3 2022 Update webinarhosted by the ADA's Health Policy Institute (HPI), the latest recruitment numbers indicate that more than a third of practices polled are currently recruiting for a hygienist or assistant and that the number of jobs in dental offices was at an all-time high, with a change of +4.8% from prepandemic levels.

Dental practices face the task of keeping their staff happy AND effective, no easy feat in today’s environment. The battle for talent has turned fierce as staff members consider greater compensation and enticing perks from competitive practices. With patients returning in droves, staff shortages can have an impact on the patient experience and their retention. So, how can you compete for talent? Here are four ways to make your dental practice more appealing to existing staff and prospective employees.

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