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Team Flex is a group of "Flex-perts" that are passionate about our patient communication software designed for Open Dental. Have a question? We've got an answer. And, we love talking Flex!

Engage & Simplify: Flex - Your Open Dental Communication Hub

Engage & Simplify: Flex - Your Open Dental Communication Hub

Meet Flex Dental - Intuitive, User-Friendly Patient Communication that Works Seamlessly with Open Dental

Flex Dental: The Game Changer in Patient Communication

Imagine a tool so intuitive that even on your worst day (you know, when the coffee machine breaks), it feels like a breeze. That's Flex Dental for you. It's like having a Swiss Army knife for your Open Dental practice – it does a bit of everything and does it well.

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Why Your Practice Can Benefit from a Morning Huddle

Revamping Your Daily Huddle for Dental Practice Success

Many organizations, from sports teams to industry giants like Apple and Capital One, utilize daily huddles. Verne Harnish, a successful business author, emphasizes the importance of daily huddles for companies aiming for peak performance. Dental practices can benefit just as much.

Just 15 minutes a day invested in a team huddle can foster a strong sense of community, a shared vision, and clarity. This, in turn, helps everyone focus on achieving key objectives. In short, daily huddles are powerful tools for planning success.

Have you tried huddles before, but they fizzled out?  Don't give up! Many teams simply haven't unlocked the secrets to a successful huddle. Below we will explore how the Flex huddle report can guide you through the key elements of a winning huddle!

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Aging AR: How to Recover and Bring in More For Your Practice

Every dental practice understands the importance of a healthy cash flow. But let's face it: Chasing down unpaid bills is no one's favorite thing to do and can be uncomfortable. Aging accounts receivable and unpaid patient balances can quickly become a financial monster, hindering your ability to invest in equipment, grow your staff, or even keep the lights on.

So, how do you tackle this challenge without turning patients into adversaries? The key lies in a proactive approach that combines effective communication, streamlined processes, and strategic collection methods.

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Flex Features: 4 Significant Benefits of Dental Communication Software

These days, patients are looking for more from dentists than superior dental skills. They expect their experience to be as seamless as possible, from making an appointment to checking out after their visit. That’s why it is so important that you have dental communications software that meets and if possible, exceeds their expectations.

Effective patient communication systems make it easy to connect with your patients. Achieve this and they’ll have a positive perception of your dental practices. It reduces turnover and can encourage them to refer friends and family to your practice, along with posting very positive reviews.

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New Feature: FlexPay + Credit Card

We are pleased to introduce Flex’s newest feature, FlexPay + Credit Card, which is designed to ensure that patients will be committed to the appointment they book according to your office policies. We all know how frustrating and costly it is when a patient no-shows for an appointment without prior notification. FlexPay + Credit Card helps minimize the impact on your business. 

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