Flex Features: 4 Significant Benefits of Dental Communication Software

These days, patients are looking for more from dentists than superior dental skills. They expect their experience to be as seamless as possible, from making an appointment to checking out after their visit. That’s why it is so important that you have dental communications software that meets and if possible, exceeds their expectations.

Effective patient communication systems make it easy to connect with your patients. Achieve this and they’ll have a positive perception of your dental practices. It reduces turnover and can encourage them to refer friends and family to your practice, along with posting very positive reviews.

Why is a Dental Communication System So Important?

According to Entrpreneur.com, compared to email, the more personal nature of SMS is one of the leading reasons these messages have an incredible 98% open rate in the U.S., with 60% of those messages being viewed within the first five minutes they are received. 55% of consumers prefer SMS (text messages) for appointment reminders versus 35% of consumers who prefer email notifications.

As reported by Messente, 74% of millennials rank text messages as their 'most used' communication method in their personal life.

And according to SpotOn, less than 5% of scheduled appointments are canceled after a customer receives a text reminder. Another benefit of text reminders is that they reduce no-shows by 40%.

4 Benefits of Dental Patient Communication Software

1. Enhance Patient Satisfaction

It is critical to achieve a high level of patient satisfaction because it reflects the quality of your dental practice. 

This is because patients link communication skills with the quality of dental care you provide. Key factors include your level of empathy, information, and consideration of their needs that they receive from your practice.

Great communication helps reduce patient complaints because they can be quickly resolved or avoided altogether through clear communication between your office and your patients. Whether it is online scheduling and text automatic reminders or easy to understand treatment plan presentation, your patients will appreciate the personal attention.

2. Increase Patient Retention

It's no secret that retaining patients is significantly less expensive than acquiring new ones. In fact, it is up to 25 times less expensive! Providing outstanding patient communications is a key factor in enhancing the patient experience which helps build patient loyalty.

3. Reduce Patient No-Shows

Patient no-shows can wreak havoc with your staffing and significantly impact your profitability. Poor communication is often at the root of the problem. However, if your communication system enables you to send reminders via text, the preferred communication channel for most Americans, patients will be more inclined to see them and either keep their appointment or give you notice to reschedule. And, if your software includes two-way texting, confirming, and rescheduling is a snap.

4. Increase Staff Satisfaction

With staffing shortages running rampant and heated competition for talent, it is critical to keep your staff satisfied and happy. Dental patient communication software that reduces outbound phone calls and automates labor-intensive tasks will go a long way to creating a positive work environment. And, because excellent communication means happier patients, everyone wins. 


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