Year-End Reflections: Major 2023 Features and Updates

2023 was a transformative year for Flex Dental Solutions, with a slew of innovative features and enhancements released.

These upgrades, spanning various aspects of dental practice management, have significantly streamlined operations, enhanced patient engagement, and improved data management. Let’s dive into the key features released last year.

FlexPay Enhancements

  • Name Search in Patients with Balance Tab: Finding patients with outstanding balances is now easier with the added name search feature.
  • Family Toggle for Easy Search: Families with different last names? No worries! The new toggle simplifies searches within families.
  • Billing Type Filter: Customized filtering for different billing types streamlines the process.
  • Optimized Queries: Faster load times for large data sets mean less waiting and more doing.
  • Smarter Statement Resend Logic: Includes payments both within and outside the statement period.
  • Improved Statement Search: Overrides the 30-day default for more flexibility.
  • Family Credit Toggle: Balancing family accounts is now easier when dealing with mixed credits and balances.
  • Bulk Statements: Save time by sending statements in bulk.
  • Statements Tab Filter: Filter statements by paid, unpaid, and all for better tracking.
  • Option for Stored Credit Cards: via statements

Insights Report

  • 11 New Graphs: Visualize Key Performance Indicators effortlessly.
  • Interactive Drilldowns: Dive deeper into data points for detailed patient communication.
  • Export Flexibility: Export data in various formats and date ranges.

Huddle Report: Streamlining Daily Meetings

  • Month-to-Date Graphs: Easily track production, income, and collection rates.
  • Customizable Goals: Set specific targets for key performance indicators.
  • Today & Yesterday Boxes: Quick insights into daily and previous day’s metrics.
  • Recall Overdue Column: Stay informed about patient follow-ups.


  • Unread Messages Priority: Stay on top of communication with top-listed unread messages.


  • Credit Card Requirements: Enhance appointment commitment with credit card holds or deposits.
  • Redirect URL Post-Booking: Guide patients to specific websites after booking.
  • Guarantor/Scheduler Details Collection: Simplify data import into Open Dental for third-party bookings.

Treatment Plans: Enhanced Clarity and Flexibility

  • Subtotal Display in Text/Email: Clearer breakdown of costs for patients.
  • Updated Fee Labeling: Improved transparency in treatment plans with membership discounts.
  • Flat Fee Inclusion: More pricing options for treatment plans.
  • Flexible Discount Inputs: Tailor discounts and payments with ease.


  • New Insurance Verification Service: Automated and on-demand for efficiency.
  • PDF Integration in Open Dental: Keep documents organized and accessible.
  • Alerts for Mismatched Patient Information: Ensure accuracy in patient-insurance details.
  • Verification Due Indicator: Never miss a verification deadline.

Advanced Patient List

  • Bulk Texting Capability: Contact patients en masse directly from the Insights report.
  • Enhanced Filtering: Locate patients using various criteria.

FlexBlast: Targeted Communication

  • Insurance Carrier Filter: Customize communication based on insurance carriers.

Behind the Scenes: Improved System Reliability

  • Faster Updates: Minimize downtime during Flex updates.
  • Extended Retry Attempts: Ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Direct Support Connection: Faster resolution with the Screenconnect link.
  • Independent Clone Patient Management: Better handling of cloned patient records.
  • Automatic Alert Deletion: Maintain system performance by clearing old alerts.

In conclusion, 2023 was a landmark year in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice using Flex Dental Solutions. These improvements not only streamline administrative tasks but also elevate the patient experience, paving the way for a more integrated and patient-centric approach for you.

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