Testimonial: Baller Dental and Orthodontics

What's to love about Flex? Dr. Holly Baller of Baller Dental and Orthodontics shares how Flex helps her run an efficient, tech-savvy practice while providing a specific feature she can't live without.

"Flex is hands down the best service I purchased for my startup! I say to my team every week how much I love Flex's features and they couldn’t agree more.

There is nothing better than seeing the FlexSchedule confirmations pop up in my email when a new patient books an appointment on our website when we aren’t even at the office. Patients LOVE the FLEX-ability of scheduling online. Paying online. Filling out forms online. Being able to schedule patients through my phone after hours is so convenient. Communicating with patients after hours via two-way text to check in and see how they are feeling has set an amazing standard for healthcare and it is so appreciated by patients. The list of features goes on and on!

One of the features I couldn’t live without is when a patient calls and we miss it, they get an automated text message. The patient's phone number then gets captured into our Flex communications and we are able to call them back, which is nice because most people do not leave a message. However, in our automated reply text, we include our FlexSchedule online scheduling link and most patients just book an appointment right then. Otherwise, we would miss out on so many new patients because they would just move right on to the next dentist on their list. 

Patients think our office is the most tech-savvy, state-of-the-art office due to Flex. They comment on Flex features more than all of our digital scanners, CBCT systems, and modern chairs combined. 

I couldn’t run an efficient practice without Flex."

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