Testimonial: Ivory Dental Group

Dr. Lina Yu and Co-Owner Mike Yu of The Ivory Dental Group in Winter Park, FL tell how Flex has helped their practice offer a modern and relaxing experience to their customers.

Dr. Yu’s vision for The Ivory Dental Practice was to create an experience that she would love to have as a patient.

Dr Yu, and her husband and co-owner Mike Yu, designed the practice from scratch to bring a modern, relaxing experience to each patient. A Florida native educated in Chicago and New York City, Dr. Yu wanted to bring a modern, big-city feel to her home state. Mike leveraged his experience as a consultant adding professionalism, speed and responsiveness to businesses to ensure The Ivory Dental Practice had the best technology possible.

Why Flex?

Mike became aware of Flex through a Google search of online scheduling software for Open Dental. He then spoke with a mutual friend who had chosen Flex for his practice in Seattle, Washington. After reviewing the software, Mike quickly concluded that Flex was the perfect patient engagement software he wanted for Ivory Dental Practice. 

Favorite Flex Features

“Our favorite feature is FlexSchedule because it not only reduces our front desk workload and headcount, but enables our practice to reach patients who are either too busy to call or unable to find an appointment time that fits their schedule. Flex’s level of customization on texting for reminders, forms, and more has enabled our practice to handle a high volume of patient communication quickly and accurately.”


Nine months after opening its doors, The Ivory Dental Group had 542 patients. Of those patients, 316 (58%) booked their appointments through FlexSchedule.

“Flex empowers us to book, communicate, and follow-up with patients with only a single front office employee. Flex has delivered unparalleled service and support by personally responding to questions, quickly solving any issues, and even logging-in remotely to help make changes. Our patients love our communication processes, and we wouldn’t be able to provide our customers with the modern, relaxing experience they expect without Flex.”


Ready to learn more about Flex?

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