New Feature: FlexPay + Credit Card

We are pleased to introduce Flex’s newest feature, FlexPay + Credit Card, which is designed to ensure that patients will be committed to the appointment they book according to your office policies. We all know how frustrating and costly it is when a patient no-shows for an appointment without prior notification. FlexPay + Credit Card helps minimize the impact on your business. 

How it Works

Offices that decide they want to accept credit cards can determine whether to use them to accept holds or deposits. Let’s dig into the differences between the two. 


A hold means the patient will provide their card information, it will be securely stored on file, and if the office charges a cancellation fee, they can use this card info to apply the fee. If an office prefers not to charge a deposit but does still want to have credit card information on file, a hold is the best option.


A deposit means the patient will have to provide their card information, it is held securely on file, and the office also chooses an amount to charge the patient to reserve their time.

When utilizing holds and/or deposits offices have the flexibility to determine the specific appointment types for both new and returning patients.

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