How A Modern Practice Reduces Stress in the Workplace

Record low unemployment and tough competition for workers have tipped the hiring scales in favor of the employee. More than ever, people working in the dental industry know they have many options for where they work. Practices that can create the best experience for their staff will come up on top.

It can be a challenge reducing stress in the workplace in an already demanding profession compounded by the ongoing issues related to COVID-19. 

We’ve gathered stress reducing strategies from industry experts, which can help create a positive work culture, retain team members, and help your business succeed.

Stress Reducing Strategies

  • Design systems that show you value your staff’s time. A prime example is eliminating repetitive tasks like manual data entry when you could replace paper forms and records with a digital solution. 

  • Give employees what they need to excel at their jobs. Modernize your technology and adopt software with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that enables team members to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Be there for your team and make them feel heard. As a business leader, your management skills are as important as your clinical skills. Remember that your employees are people with lives who need the support to manage their responsibilities outside of work too.

  • Hold daily morning huddles that align and motivate your team. See how Kelly Lynch, an experienced office manager, and practice growth specialist, suggests organizing morning huddles to get each day off to a great start.

  • Watch for signs of burnout and create strategies to address them. View solutions to reduce burnout for your team from DentistryIQ.

  • Don’t neglect yourself. If you feel stressed, your team will as well. Schedule vacation time, and take breaks, like a quick walk around the block, to burn off the stress. View calming techniques from a dental stress expert.

How Technology Can Improve Our Work Lives

According to DentalPost, staff members expect to have the tools they need to streamline their workflow and eliminate, where possible administrative burdens.

“Tedious, repetitive tasks with little visible added value can lower team morale,” reports DentalPost. “The technology era is upon us, and dental workers deserve to reap the benefits.”

Does your practice’s technology reduce stress or magnify the issue? Consider how Flex Dental streamlines your patient communications.

  • Integrated with Open Dental, Flex is a complete set of intelligently designed tools that dramatically improve how you communicate with your patients.
  • Flex reduces your team’s workload, increases treatment acceptance, boosts payment collection, and much more.
  • Flex is so customizable it fits right in at nearly any kind of practice. And because it's browser-based, it runs on just about any device you'd like,
  • Flex's sleek and intuitive design makes your practice stand out to patients while being fun to use and easy to learn for your team.
  • While Flex looks simple, its sophisticated technology deeply integrates and powers cutting-edge features you'll only find here.
  • Flex’s customer support is the best in the industry. Talk about stress relief!

If reducing stress is a 2023 priority, it’s time to schedule a Flex demo with a Flexpert.

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