Increase Practice Efficiency and Payment Plan Acceptance!

As one of Flex’s earliest features and components, our Treatment Planning module has increased practice efficiency by providing an avenue for patients to quickly and intuitively understand and accept a treatment plan your practice provides them.
So, as a bit of a refresher, let’s go over Flex’s Treatment Planning feature to ensure your practice is benefitting from the optimized efficiency and increased patient acceptance that our module delivers.

Practice Management System Integration

Save multiple treatment plan options in your Practice Management System to be synced and reflected back in Flex. Simply choose to display a breakdown by appointment and see detailed insurance coverage information, or keep things in a clean, summarized view.

View Patient Insurance

The patient’s insurance information will automatically populate in a personalized treatment plan. Intuitively explain a patient’s treatment plan options with visible insurance discounts displayed.

imageFinancing Options

Help your patients manage treatment costs by including customizable payment options that are adjustable on the fly — a feature exclusive to Flex.

Walk a patient through payment options like same-day discounts, monthly payments, or third-party financing. Work with the patient to choose a plan that best fits his/her needs to increase payment plan acceptance rate.

Your preconfigured options can also be displayed selectively based on simple rules like minimum dollar value, insurance status, or even specific code exclusions. 

image (2)

Treatment Plan Completion

When a patient signs a plan in-office or on their own device, a PDF of the treatment plan will automatically be synced into your PMS’s image module.

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Are You on The Latest Version of Flex?

Not sure if you're on the latest version of Flex? Look for the update indicator in the top right-hand corner of Flex. If it's there, we have an update for you! You can also click on the Flex logo at anytime to manually check. If you have questions, please let us know.

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