You Asked, We Answered! The Latest Features in Flex.

Here's a quick recap of recent functionality that's been added to Flex over the past several months. If you're a current Flexer and have a feature suggestion, please let us know! Your input helps us make Flex a better product so you have a better customer experience! 

And, stay tuned and check back here often - we have new features coming right around the corner!

Here are some features you might have missed that have been added in the last 6 months.

New Flex Features: 

• Post-op Forms

Link your post-op forms to procedure codes so that when your appointments are set complete the appropriate post-op forms will be sent by text, email, or both! 

• Restrict Weekend Automated Text Messages

Disable automated text messages from sending on Saturday and/or Sunday. With weekend messages disabled, they will be sent on the preceding Friday.

• Downloadable Copies of Consents and Treatment Plans

Patients now have the option to download consent forms and/or treatment plans after signing the document on their devices.

• Pin Messages in the Mobile App

To pin a message in the mobile app, simply double-tap it. The message will turn orange indicating it is now pinned.

Moolah Integration

Connect your Moolah account to Flex for integrated payments! Learn more about FlexPay here

Family Statements

Now you can send one family statement for all family members with outstanding balances. 

Text Your ASAP List

Text your ASAP list to offer any last-minute openings to patients.

Are You on The Latest Version of Flex?

Not sure if you're on the latest version of Flex? Look for the phone icon in the top right-hand corner of Flex. If it's there, we have an update for you! If you have questions, please let us know.

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