What’s The Difference Between Flex, FlexSchedule, and Flex+?

As a business, we understand that dental practices have different needs when it comes to technology. We’ve designed Flex and its subscription options so that each practice can get the features they need while not paying for features that may not be for them. No round pegs in square holes here! We want you to love every feature in Flex so that your user experience is top-notch.

With that in mind, here is a quick look at the 3 different Flex packages, what’s included, and what you’ll pay. 

Flex - The Patient Communication and Paperless Superstar | $299 per month

If you don’t know the Flex story, it’s worth checking out in this article. After almost 3 years of development, optimization, and adding cool new features, Flex has grown into a full suite of automated, paperless communication tools that can super-charge your ability to get things done! Our core Flex bundle includes:

  • Automated Patient Communications via text/email for recall, unscheduled treatments, reminders, and confirmations
  • Two-way Text Messaging
  • Treatment Plan Presentations with integrated payment options
  • FlexPay Online Payments
  • Smart Paperless Forms
  • Custom Consent Forms
  • Instant Photo Capture
  • Post-Op Instructions
  • Integrated Discount Plans
  • Patient Review Requests
  • FlexBlast Email Campaigns
  • The Flex Mobile App
  • Flex Communicator for intraoffice messaging
  • VOIP Phone Integration with Mango and/or RingCentral

Activation fee - zero. Monthly support fee - zero. Long-term contract? Nope. Hidden fees? Not here. You’ll pay $299 per month for Flex. And, you can cancel at any time. 

FlexSchedule - The Smartest Online Scheduling System You’ll Find | $199 per month

What if your front desk was available to schedule appointments all day, every day? While it’s obviously not possible for a person to work for days on end, our software doesn’t mind one bit. And, with some technical know-how, sweet customization options, and intelligent logic, we’ve found a way to make an online scheduling solution that takes your input into consideration while filling your appointment book. Our stand-alone FlexSchedule online scheduling subscription includes:

  • Mobile-optimized appointment booking that’s easy to use on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet
  • A unique online scheduling page that can seamlessly match the look and feel of your website, including your branding and preferred colors. 
  • Specific control over which patients can schedule online, what appointment types are offered, and when appointments are available.
  • Customizable questions so you can obtain any needed details for the appointment in advance 
  • Tracking links for monitoring your marketing initiatives and determining your best sources of online appointments, whether it’s social media, paid search, or organic web traffic.
  • Smart-Fill technology for directing patients to open gaps in your schedule or open slots that are adjacent to other appointments that are already booked.
  • Flex Nudge, which allows you to weigh appointment times so that patients are offered the open slots that you want them to see first. Have difficulty scheduling Tuesday appointments at 2pm? You can have FlexSchedule offer patients those times as a first option.
  • Real-time integration with your schedule in your practice management system, so there’s no delay between booking and the patient’s details appearing in your appointment book. 

Just like before, there are no install fees, hidden fees, or contracts.  

Flex+ - For Those Who Just Want It All | $398 per month

Flex+ gives you the entire Flex communication suite PLUS (see what we did there) FlexSchedule online scheduling at a lower, bundled price. It’s our way of saying “thanks for being a go-getter and wanting it all.” You’ll get every available feature we offer AND you’ll save $100 per month. 

The Flex Bottom Line

Ultimately, Flex can help you automate a ton of tasks and put quite a bit of time back in your day. Flex also makes a great impression on your patients. Whether you need an efficiency boost by automating your recall and confirmations or you need to free up your front desk from spending hours booking dozens of appointments each day over the phone, our software is designed to work hand-in-hand with your practice management system to make your life easier. And, your patients will appreciate being able to schedule appointments, complete forms, and make payments online. That's what we call a win-win.

When you’re ready to take a look at Flex, just let us know. We’ll be here to help you find the option that fits you and your practice perfectly. 

Ready to Learn More About Flex?

Please visit our learning center to see more features that Flex includes to supercharge your practice. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to contact a member of our team via the button below.

If you’re looking for a patient communication solution, we encourage you to do your research and ask other practices about Flex. We pride ourselves on creating Flex fans for life. The words of our customers are our best reference and we think you’ll like what you find.

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