Flex in the (Near) Future: New Features on the Horizon

From cool functionality upgrades to new outside-the-box features, we’re giving you a glimpse into the Flex future. It’s way closer than you think! 

New Features Coming to Flex

Everyone loves when their technology gets a fun upgrade - I’m always excited to see what new features Apple is adding to my phone in the newest version of iOS. It gives me something to be excited about, especially with a technology I already love and feel like I cannot live without.

Our development team is constantly working on new ideas to keep Flex fresh and to continue delivering that “wow” factor - no one likes it when technologies decide to get stale and boring (I’m sure we can all name a few). 

We’re letting you take a peek behind the Flex curtain, giving you a backstage pass to some new Flex-Ability that you’ll be seeing in the very not-so-distant future. 

New Customizable Forms

Flex’s current forms are great and they’re getting a big dose of customization right around the corner. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Customization via a drag-and-drop editor, so you can build and edit forms on the fly 
  • The option to select which form fields pre-fill with data from Open Dental
  • User-defined logic that will present questions to patients based upon their previous answers
  • Importing information into custom fields within Open Dental 
  • Flex-provided templates if your team doesn’t want to build forms from scratch
  • The ability to attach forms to reminder texts/emails 
  • Unique URL’s for individual forms so that you can host all of your forms on your website 

Our new forms will give Flexers the option to have as much customization (or as little) as you want for your practice and your patients. 

New FlexSchedule Patient Notifications

We are bringing more automation to FlexSchedule online scheduling. 

Soon, when a patient schedules an appointment on your website via FlexSchedule, they’ll quickly receive a notification via text and/or email providing their appointment time and a link to any forms they need to complete prior to arriving at your office. Flex will be able to confirm if the patient is new or returning and provide the appropriate forms automatically. Pretty cool, huh?

New User Interface for Patient Confirmations, Reminders, and Recall

We love making things easy for our users, so we will be adding a new user interface for visually establishing the frequency of your patient communications. It just makes it easier to see exactly what communications will be sent out and at what frequency. Take a look:

 New UI

Dentrix Integration

It’s pretty well known that Flex was initially designed to integrate with Open Dental. The seamless communication between Flex and Open Dental produces a great user experience. Always ones to try and share the wealth, we are excited to be bringing the same Flexperience of easy-to-use features and seamless integration to Dentrix! 

What else can Dentrix users expect?

  • Seamless integration with Dentrix G6 & G7
  • Transparent pricing and no long-term contracts
  • Our relentless commitment to customer support and service

We look forward to providing Dentrix users access to Flex’s suite of tools that will work hand-in-hand with Dentrix practice management software to supercharge efficiency and simplify your day. Definitely stay tuned!

Never Outdated or Out of Style

We always want to deliver features in Flex that make you stand up and take notice. Our team is ridiculously focused on adding tons of cool functionality to Flex so it never feels stale or past-its-prime. After all, great technology and great customer support never go out of style.

Ready to Learn More About Flex?

Please visit our learning center to see more features that Flex includes to supercharge your practice. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to contact a member of our team via the button below.

If you’re looking for a patient communication solution, we encourage you to do your research and ask other practices about Flex. We pride ourselves on creating Flex fans for life. The words of our customers are our best reference and we think you’ll like what you find.

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