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Craig Cormack

Craig Cormack is the national sales director for Flex and has spent the last 7 years working in sales leadership roles in the healthcare industry. Craig is passionate about serving our clients with a consultative and educational approach, helping them understand the benefits of Flex technologies to their staff and their patients.

Craig was born in Scotland but now resides in Atlanta with his wife and 3 children.

Fun Fact: Due to Craig's pride in his Scottish upbringing, his unbridled passion, and near-limitless enthusiasm, we affectionately refer to Craig as the "William Wallace" of Flex.

How Much Does Dental Patient Communication Software Cost?

More Dental Patient Communication Features AND Affordable Cost?

To That, We Say, "Challenge Accepted."
(Cue the inspirational theme music and watch us climb the value mountain.)

We love talking about Flex. We live and breathe it daily, so we enjoy the opportunity to discuss the way our developers have magically fit all that Flex technology into a virtual workhorse for patient engagement. We think we have a great story to tell.

You know what else we don’t mind talking about? Cost.

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