Flex Features: Why Open Dental Practices Should Take a Close Look at Flex Dental for Their Patient Communications

The creation of Flex Dental was the result of a practice using Open Dental that wanted to improve the overall experience of patients, staff, and providers. Since its inception, Flex has added many features and processes designed to help practices get the most value out of their Open Dental practice management software.

Flex Dental General Manager Craig Cormack explains why practices using Open Dental should consider using Flex as their patient communications software.

1. What are the biggest challenges Flex helps solve?

We often find that dental offices are understaffed, and the team spends most of their time managing important but extremely manual and time-consuming tasks. These can include calling patients to remind/confirm appointments, re-entering patient information from filled-out forms into their practice management system, getting patients with unscheduled recare back on the calendar, and sending out statements for outstanding balances, to name just a few. Flex automates these steps and many others, freeing up the team to focus on patient care and treatment acceptance.

2. What Flex features resonate most with customers?

This varies depending on the office, but there are several that rise to the top. Our customizable forms simplify obtaining the information the practice needs with little to no touches on their end. Flex’s patented treatment plan presentation solution makes it easy for patients to understand their treatment and their payment options, leading to a higher acceptance rate. Our integrated payments make it easy for patients to pay their balances while eliminating the need for the office to manually post these payments into the ledger.

3. Which type of practices are ideal for Flex software?

Practices that find tremendous value from Flex are typically offices that want to modernize and streamline their interactions with their patients in order to free up their team members to focus on what's most critical to the business. They understand that patients want a great experience starting from when they schedule an appointment to receipt and payment of their invoice. Flex automation and seamless communications enable them to deliver against that promise. 

4. Why should a practice on Open Dental consider Flex?

Flex was designed in and for a practice that uses Open Dental, with the explicit objective to eliminate the manual processes so they could be as efficient as possible. The goal was to improve the experience for patients and staff alike. Many of our team members previously worked in dental offices, so they understand the challenges that our customers face daily.

5. What differentiates Flex from other companies that integrate with Open Dental?

There are several differentiators starting with the depth of our integration with Open Dental. We take our integrations a step further than other software companies to eliminate as many manual steps as possible. This also enhances staff experience using our software because so many of our features work seamlessly with Open Dental.

We also have made customer support a priority because we understand how important it is to be responsive to our customers who cannot afford downtime due to poor response times. We are proud to deliver outstanding customer support day in and day out.

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