Improving Case Acceptance: The Flex Treatment Planning Module

“Let me think about it.” 

These are five very common words that are used routinely when any of us are asked if we would like to move forward with a purchase. I’m the king of “Let me think about it.” Often, I want to put off a purchase because I didn’t really understand the need for the product or service I was being offered. The "sales pitch" may have sounded good but the details weren’t explained well enough or I just didn’t feel a sense of urgency to move forward. I also have a notorious habit of trying to avoid payment discussions, preferring to do pricing research independently. Later on, when I have finally made the purchase, I often wish I had done so sooner. 

Our team has worked with thousands of dental practices over the years and one common challenge the majority face is increasing their case acceptance. Usually, the patient has concerns about what exactly is being recommended, doesn’t understand the treatment being proposed, or has financial questions that they may be too timid to ask. Let’s take a look at how the treatment plan presentation module in Flex helps address these issues, facilitate conversation, and keep your patients engaged so that your team can boost acceptance and keep those ops full. 

A Blueprint for Treatment Conversations

Perhaps the most critical aspect of case acceptance is the patient’s understanding of the treatment being recommended. We designed the Flex treatment presentation to give you a step-by-step blueprint to follow. I am a visual learner, so having a detailed proposal in front of me makes my decision-making process much easier. As a patient, I can be told what the treatment recommendation is, but I would much rather see it. 

The Flex treatment plan presentation includes recommendations broken down by procedure, so you can easily walk patients through exactly what will be performed. This gives the patient ample opportunity to ask questions and helps facilitate an overall discussion about what treatment is being recommended, why the treatment is necessary, and exactly what procedures are included. Going through each procedure step-by-step also provides a chance to address any objections the patient might have. It’s a great blueprint to an effective treatment conversation that ensures no details are overlooked.   

Treatment Plan - Procedures

Insurance Benefits

The next thing you’ll notice on the Flex treatment plan presentation is a fee summary and estimated insurance coverage. This informs the patient of the total treatment cost, estimated coverage provided by their insurer, and an approximate total that will be the patient’s responsibility. Again, everything is itemized so that the patient can easily see the cost of the proposed treatment and what they should anticipate as their out-of-pocket expense.

Treatment Plan - Ins

Integrated Payment Options

We know one of the most difficult conversations to have with a patient revolves around finances. The Flex treatment plan presentation gives you the ability to include integrated payment options so the patient will know what their financial choices are. The payment options are completely customizable, so you can include a discount for up-front payment, monthly payment plans, financing options, or any other arrangement you would like. From there, the patient can select which payment option they would prefer and make their payment directly from the treatment plan. Including payment options and the ability to pay directly from the treatment plan helps make the payment discussion easy and encourages the patient to make a decision. 

And, once the treatment plan is signed and the payment option is selected, a pdf copy gets synced to the images module in the patient’s record and all payment details are copied to Open Dental. If the patient chooses a payment plan, Flex automatically sets up the plan in Open Dental as well. Finally, you can easily click a button to email/text a copy of the treatment plan to the patient for their records.

Treatment Plan - Payment Options

Automated Follow-Ups 

Let’s say you have reviewed a treatment plan with a patient using the Flex presentation module. You’ve discussed all recommended procedures, insurance coverage, and financial options. The patient’s questions and concerns have been answered but they still won’t commit to the treatment. What now?

With Flex, you can set automated follow-ups for unscheduled treatments to keep the patient engaged. After all, Flex is a complete patient communication platform with a ton of awesome features for Open Dental and unscheduled treatment follow-ups are no exception. 

Rather than touching base via a phone call (or worse, not following up at all), have Flex send automated messages reminding your patient of your treatment recommendation and let them know that you are ready to take care of them when they decide to move forward. Consistent communication will keep the treatment in the patient’s mind and encourage them to make a decision sooner rather than later.

Can Flex’s Treatment Planning Module Boost Case Acceptance?

The treatment planning module in Flex helps you build well-organized case presentations that are easy for patients to understand. Educating your patients and addressing any concerns they have about treatment are critical steps to helping move your patient toward a decision. A clear financial overview ensures patients understand their financial responsibility. Our exclusive integrated payment options help make the sometimes-awkward payment discussion more comfortable for everyone involved. 

To be fair, you’ll always have patients that are hesitant to initiate treatment but Flex can give you the toolsto help facilitate conversations and move the decision-making process along more quickly. When you make treatment planning easy for patients to understand and utilize additional tools that enhance the overall patient experience, you put your team in the optimum position for success. 

If you would like to learn more about how Flex can supercharge your patient communication in Open Dental, please feel free to schedule a demo at your convenience. 

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