Explainer Video: Flex in 60 Seconds.

It's actually 66 seconds - we just couldn't fit all those great Flex features into one minute.

If you're an Open Dental practice looking for ways to make your staff more efficient and your patient communications smarter, check out Flex. It was designed to integrate with Open Dental and it has lots of slick features to supercharge your practice workflow.

Watch the below video for more:

HubSpot Video

Automated recalls, patient reminders, integrated paperless forms, and the best treatment plan module you'll find anywhere are just a few of the reasons our customers love Flex.

We don't do high pressure sales or marketing gimmicks. We leave those sneaky tactics in the toolbox for other companies to get their hands dirty. The only sly thing we'll do is keep filling Flex with so many great features you'll wonder how we managed to get them all in one slick-looking package in the first place.

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