Flex Features: Phone Integration with Mango Voice & RingCentral

Integrate Flex With Your Phone Service

Flex offers a wide variety of patient communication services for Open Dental, many designed to automate tasks that give your patients proactive information to reduce the number of phone calls you make and/or receive on a daily basis. The aim of our automated text/email communications is to prevent you from picking up that phone on your desk in the first place, making you a master at the game of time savings and efficiency. Let’s face it - talking on the phone is so 20th century. 

But, we understand there are times where you just have to speak with someone over the phone. So, we’ve added a bit of jazz on top of the standard phone call by injecting some useful features in Flex that integrate with your VOIP (voice-over-IP) phone service. 

I know what you’re thinking - what could possibly be exciting about phone service? Well, Flex’s VOIP partners offer features that typical landline phone service can’t compete with and, because Flex integrates with your internet phone system, you’ll find your daily tasks become a lot easier. It’s probably not as exciting as finding a buried treasure in your backyard, but, as phone service goes, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot.    

Phone Integration Partners

We’re picky about who we partner with. We look for like-minded companies that share our love of customer service and don’t mind our quirky attitude. We found some kindred spirits in both Mango Voice and RingCentral. You can check out their websites below for pricing and features. We recommend reaching out to Mango and RingCentral directly regarding questions about the services they provide but we are also happy to connect you with them if you’d like an intro!

Flex’s VOIP Features

When we start the process of choosing which features we think fit the Flex philosophy of making your dental practice life easier, we do what any good business does - we ask our customers what functionality they would love to have while reflecting on our own experiences. After all, Flex was designed in a start-up dental practice and many of our team members have years of in-practice expertise that proves invaluable in developing features that practices love to use.

Caller ID Pop-Up

Call Pop Up ID

When you integrate Flex with Mango Voice or RingCentral, you’ll have a caller-ID window that pops up for each incoming call. When a patient calls your office, Flex looks at the incoming phone number, identifies any matching accounts in Open Dental, and automatically provides you with a quick summary of the patient’s record on your screen. Patient contact information, upcoming appointments, and financial details can be configured to pop up as soon as a call is received - even before you answer it!

Automated Call Records in Open Dental

Comm Log VOIP

Beyond pop-up caller ID, Flex will capture call details like date, duration, and whether the call was inbound/outbound, and place it in the patient’s communications log in Open Dental. This helps ensure you have a complete picture of all patient interactions with your team. 

Call Log in Flex Communicator

In addition to recording call information in Open Dental’s patient communications log, all call details are also available in Flex Communicator, so you’ll have all of your information in one easily accessible place.

Missed Call? No Problem!

A patient calls in. No one can answer. The call goes to voicemail. Hey, we’d all like to be able to answer the phone every time it rings, but stuff happens and sometimes you just can’t get to it. Mango Voice customers can have Flex automatically send a text message to a missed caller, letting them know you’ll be in touch with them ASAP. This creates an additional touch-point with the patient, assures them that their call is important to your practice, and sets the expectation that they will be hearing back from you shortly. Automation for the win!

Integrations to Make Your Life Easier

Flex’s VOIP phone integrations provide sweet features like pop-up caller ID, giving you immediate access to your patient’s data when you have an incoming call and allowing you to spend less time searching through Open Dental to find the correct patient record. Automated syncing of both inbound and outbound call details to the patient’s communication log in Open Dental gives you a full view of the customer appointment journey. And, you have two great options for VOIP service that fully integrates with Flex to make your daily tasks easier. What could be more exciting than that (besides eventually finding that backyard treasure)? 

Ready to learn more about Flex?

Please visit our learning center to see more features that Flex includes to supercharge your practice. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to contact a member of our team via the button below.   

If you’re an Open Dental user looking for a patient communication solution, please ask for opinions of our solution from other Open Dental practices. We pride ourselves on creating Flex fans for life. The words of our customers are our best reference and we think you’ll like what you find.

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