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You Asked, We Answered! The Latest Features in Flex.

Happy New Year! Here's a quick recap of recent functionality that's been added to Flex, based on requests from our customers. If you're a current Flexer and have a feature suggestion, please let us know! Your input helps us make Flex a better product so you have a better customer experience! 

And, stay tuned and check back here often - we have new features coming right around the corner!

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Comparing Dental Practice Management and Patient Communication Software

Comparing Dental Practice Management & Patient Communication Software

We’re explaining the differences between practice management and patient communication systems in dentistry. Spoiler alert: it's a bit of an "apples to oranges" comparison, but they’re both great for your practice!

There are two critical components for building a successful dental practice: managing the day-to-day operations of your business and fostering relationships with your patients through consistent communication. While most practices are well-versed in practice management software to keep their operations organized, there is usually less familiarity with patient communication software for maintaining patient engagement. And, there can often be confusion as to what services each software offers. Let’s take a quick look at the differences between practice management software and patient communication systems and the benefits each can provide to your practice and your patients.     

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NEW FEATURE: See Flex's New Online Forms Editor

We have released our new online forms editor, where we give you the option to get your hands dirty designing your own dynamic online forms with as much customization as you want. For those of you that are a little less adventurous, you can also select from provided templates for common forms rather than starting from scratch. It's a new ballgame for building online forms. Check out this how-to video! 

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